Saturday, November 29, 2008

My first official blog!

They told me when my book was accepted by Cerridwen Press that I'd have to blog.

"But I already have a website on which I express, well, a tad of opinion already!" I responded.

No dice. Writers must blog. E-writers especially must blog.

So here I am and darned if I'm not going to try to make this an entertaining blog!

I'll be alternating stuff about writing, my books, comics, art, TV, other people's books... whatever. And I hope to have a few guest bloggers give their own views about things. Requests for columns will be welcomed, like those requests Mike Rowe's always asking for on "Dirty Jobs." Profanity and such will be deleted just as soon as I see it.

So lets start with some plugs: Touch of Danger will be e-released by Cerridwen Press May 7, 2009. If it gets good enough sales, it'll make it into actual print six or so months later. You'll hear a lot more about this as the date approaches, but for now let me tell you that it's an adventure romance with a superhero and a psychic. Not for the kiddies!

I have eBay auctions going on. Search for auctions by LinaStrick.

Two of my paintings are on display at the Saratoga Grill in downtown Hillsborough, NC. They have a terrific clam chowder and half-sandwich/salad lunch special, too.

And of course my website is . Don't forget that middle initial, "a." And please don't mix me up with that other author who's into art, Carol Strickland. Darned if I can find a website or email address for her, or I'd forward all the inquiries I get for her there.

First subject... first subject... Oh yeah. I got the complete Man from U.N.C.L.E. collection a few weeks ago and just started on Season 2 today. Isn't it great! Sure, some of the shows are clunkers, but a few are just all-out fun. I'm surprised at the innuendo in some of them. I'm also surprised at how bad of shots those Thrush guys are. They're armed with machine guns -- brat-a-tat-tat! From all directions! Our guys aren't hit at all. They take a single shot with their handguns and -- zappo! -- all the villains go down.

Much of the fun comes from the guest stars and people in the background. I did not notice Jimmy Doohan at all until I saw the end credits and went back through.

Any other fans out there? How about of the David McDaniel volumes of the books? #'s 4 and 6, The Dagger Affair and The Vampire Affair, are my favorites and I still reread them on occasion. I don't recall being that enamored of the space station one (but the tech might have been too obtuse for me at that young age), and I've heard of the one that included (among others) Steed and Emma Peel. My friend Nancy Northcott said she'd heard (or maybe seen?) The Final Affair, which was the (duh) final book in the series. Anyone seen that?

Now lessee... What's the url of this thing again? I'll get the hang of this.


Martin Gray said...

Nice to see a blog from you - how do you fit all these things into one day, though?

Did audiences, when UNCLE debuted, snicker at the naming of an insidious menace, THRUSH?

EilisFlynn said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!

And they told you six months? I thought Samhain did that!

Carol A. Strickland said...

Mart, UNCLE book #4 told us that Thrush at one time actually stood for "Technological hierarchy for the removal of undesirables and the subjugation of humanity."

Eilis, I thought yours is following at six months??? (Btw, isn't it due out soon? Why isn't it listed as a coming attraction at Cerridwen?