Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2009 Goals

Just about every study out there on the subject says that people who write down their goals are not only more successful but WAY more successful than those who don't. So why don't more of us take New Years resolutions or just plain goals seriously?

I'll be spending some time this week working on mine, and I'll make sure that I enumerate the steps I have to take along the way and when they should be accomplished in order to reach the larger goal.

Muy successful romance writer Emilie from my local group says that we can't include things like "I will sell a book" on our goals because we can't control  a publisher's actions. Yet the last time I did this... I sold a book! So this year I'll make selling TWO books a goal. If I write it down the universe will take note.

And I'll be making goals for many different areas of my life. Someone sometime years ago said one should draw out a square and divide it into nine equal parts. These are the pieces of your life that you should pay equal attention to. They are: your contribution to the world; hobby; leisure; family; play time; personal growth; work; relationship; friends.

To tell you the truth, there are a couple or three of these things that don't really play much part in my life. For some reason I thought "spirituality" was a part of that square up there, and I think it needs attention, too. Maybe spirituality underlies all those subjects; I don't know. But I'll be attending to my own square of priorities.

Some things I want to get done: First, the Amazons index of every Amazon who ever poked her nose into the modern-era Wonder Woman's universe. I hope to have it done by Jan. 15.

I have a guest room. Well, actually it's a guest room/comics library/eBay packing office/Brad Pitt shrine/Christmas storage/cat's vista viewing area/gym. Thank goodness for murphy beds, right? But right now you can hardly get into the thing and it's only something like 10x10. January goal is to straighten it up and get those comics sorted to the point where I can start getting rid of them through eBay. By March I want to have two bookcases cleared so I can have a window installed for a cross-breeze, which the room sorely needs.

A lot of my goals will be clearing/cleaning my house. Selling $X of paintings. (I might have just sold one last Saturday!) Selling those two books. Selling that short story (which only has one rung of reading left before they decide if it'll go in the magazine or not). Getting some house painting done. Getting some rooms shaped up. Taking good care of the yard. Pampering my cats. Eating healthy and moving even healthier. Feeling good about myself.

What are your goals? How do you feel about goals?

And as long as I'm yapping here, I'm going to reprint an email I sent to terrific Wonder fan Martin Gray over in Scotland. The current run of Wonder Woman is FABULOUS (why aren't you reading it???), such a relief after such a long, long time since we've had decent stories. Anyway, she's currently going up against a very evil new baddie named Genocide and I had a few ideas who Genny might actually be:

"Okay, it's hard to look up specific things when I don't have the issue here at the office with me. But...

"Athena is dying. She's filled with DESPAIR, which seems to be a hallmark of Genocide. The other gods don't seem to be nearly as affected by doldrums as she, not by a lightyear. As Genocide increases in power, Athena decreases.

"Diana says that Genocide is a god.

"After the attack she mentions the god-stuff to Donna. Right after that (I think) she mumbles something about Olympus. Thus I tie it into it being a god from Olympus and not any of that red herring 'I sense the gods are back' stuff Hippy was spouting at the beginning.

"Diana makes a big deal out of how genocide is a better warrior than she. Lessee. Who in the DCU is a better warrior than Diana?
"1) her mom
"2) the goddess of war
"3) forget Ares; he's always been more the god of hate than war

"I think Genocide was built somehow using Athena as a base. Which is one reason why Genocide went after the lasso: not only is it a terrible weapon (which we'll probably be seeing more of), but the subconscious core that is Athena knows that it can keep the truth of herself alive in there. When Diana eventually grabs it at the end of the arc and forces the truth out, Genocide will slough off and there will stand Athena, whole again.

"At which point she'll set things right that Zeus has screwed up. She'll probably also do awful god-revenge things to Dr. Morrow or whatever his name is."

Pshew! Got that off my chest. Everyone have a great new year, and if you agree with my Genocide theory, keep it under wraps so everyone else can have fun figuring it out.

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Anonymous said...

Crap! You have a blog and recent birthday and I both. It figures. :-(

As for goals, I have them, but they're not really year restricted. They're ongoing. Landing an agent and selling a book to a major publisher will be on my radar until it happens. Other than that, that's pretty much it. Not asking for too much, right? ;-)