Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ta dah!

Finished! The jar of glitter at Wal-Mart had far, far too large pieces to use on this. I wondered if the party supplies section would have any baubles I could scrape tiny glitter off of, when I saw... GLITTER GLUE! Glue and tee-tiny glitter combined!

Okay, so the glue is glossy, but the effect was so pretty! I'd already speckled the costume with tiny white stars (even considered no glitter because it was really nice), and now was going to put the glitter in a spiral a la Donna's original red longjohns, but as soon as the first blop went on -- had to have it all over.

I took two shots in an attempt to show the glitter effect under the lights. In person it's spectacular! And I darkened Donna's lipstick a tad. Was going to try to add a little eyeliner, but my hands aren't that steady and I didn't want blobs of black over her eyes.

PS: Snow day! TV doesn't know whether to show snow reports or the inauguration events. Looks like a little over 2 inches out there, and it's still coming down hard. Whoopie!

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Martin Gray said...

That is wonderful - I may just glitter my own Donna!