Sunday, February 6, 2011

January's paintings

July on King Street, 16x20", acrylic with wrap-around image. $500.00, shipping included.

Laughing Stream in Winter, 16x20", acrylic with wrap-around image. $500.00, shipping included.

Well, almost all-January paintings. I made a 2011 resolution to paint two paintings a month, and just crossed over by one week in February. I'm trying to paint more freely while still keeping a watch eye on composition. If you recall an earlier blog (waaaay earlier; I've got to work faster!), I showed my value block-ins. You don't recall those? Well, that's them, above, in red.

Hillsborough is called "Historic Hillsborough" because of its old (for the US) neighborhoods. At one time it was the capital of NC. If you've ever had to drive through downtown, you'll notice that the streets must be just a trifle narrower than they should—especially around that #@!! coffee shop, where people in parked cars will throw open their doors right in front of you because they're so focused on getting their caffeine. Also, that crazy hardware store always seems to have a semi unloading in front of it, which means you've got to swerve into the opposite lane to get by. You have to pray that no one at the intersection fifty feet ahead will turn in front of you.

But down a few blocks are lovely homes with old trees. One summer's afternoon as I was strolling with my camera, I caught some wonderful back-light. You all know I lurvs my backlight! And I was determined to use some really free brushstrokes to try to capture the joy of the light.

As for the other painting, it's the stream at my old place. I adored that rock in front. It was large enough that you could sit on it while the stream burbled all around. Just in back of the green is the remains of another stream bed, this one dried up, that I always felt sorry for. I should have saved my pity, for neighbors upstream moved in, decided they wanted a large lake on their property, dammed the stream, and I was left streamless except after a very heavy rain!

How I miss my stream. But here it is in its glory. I decided not only to free up my brushstrokes again for this, but also to utilize some textured modeling pastes so the foreground rocks have a bit of a 3D effect. Fun!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these. Or even buy them. Please note: these will be the last canvases I date. I've now read/heard far too many experts say that dating a painting discourages sales, because people will look at a perfectly lovely 2003 painting and ask, "Why has this painting not been sold yet? There must be something wrong with it!"

So I guess this means I have to be extra-diligent with my records keeping! Arrgh!

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rbooth43 said...

Carol, I enjoyed talking with you today and look forward to reading BURGUNDY AND LIES! By the way, your paintings are beautiful!