Monday, February 8, 2016

Abstracting abstracts

Once again, I've fallen behind on ye blog, but I've been toodling about doing this and that. Finally finished some landscapes in mid-January—hooray! I was a month late in changing out the display at a downtown restaurant.

Anyway, I looked around the house. I have a lot of paintings out from where I'd been storing them, waiting to be updated and/or moved to a storage building. Next to be looked at were a couple of abstracts that I wanted to fiddle with. When I got going with those, I got out some blank canvases to see what I could do along the same lines.

I've been trying to concentrate on color palette and intensity and value patterns. The re-dos are definitely better than they were, and I've gotten some new ideas I'll try to get around to working on. It's tough when one has so many things going on. (Yes, my guides keep saying, "Focus! Focus!" But hey— Squirrel!)

"Asterisk" 18x24, acrylic

"Downburst" 24x24", acrylic

"Genesis 24181" 18x24", acrylic

"Morning Glade," 24x30", acrylic

"Photon Shield," 18x24, acrylic
Also need to work on consistency of style, but the recent ones done from scratch ARE consistent. I just don't know if they're the particular style I want. Hm. I may revisit these shots in the coming days to make sure they're true to the paintings' colors. But they're close, and I'm tired. Good night, everyone!

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