Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Lazy Days of February

Ah, here it is February somethingth... the 8th?... and I have windows open, able to clear out the catbox-air in the house at least temporarily because it's 70 degrees outside. Heaven!

Think I'll go outside later on, sit and read Jenna Black's book "The Devil Inside." I don't usually go for urban fantasy but this was staring at me one night when I had nothing else to read and I started it. Fast-moving sucker. Interesting predicament for Our Heroine. I don't like the sex scenes, though, because they don't mesh well with what's going on. Suppose they had to be included in order to sell, sigh.

Saw a funny book video this week from Liz Jasper, a fellow author at Cerridwen. I'm interested in book videos -- I'll have to do one soon -- and so looked it up. Great hook -- I bought the book! Discovered that Cerridwen may offer a better deal than most on the actual price of the book but that their postage rates are utterly outrageous! Ordered it from Amazon instead, but Liz told me just afterward that the best deal was from Barnes & Noble, whose original price was low AND who had decent postage rates. Sigh.

This week is Book in a Week week, a week in which interested authors from our local group try to write first draft material as hard as they can. No, no one's expected to draft an actual book in a week. I've read finished books that were done in a week or week and a half, and, well, you could tell. Bleah.

Anyway, I'm in charge of these monthly challenges but I told the group that I'd be joining them only in that writing would take top priority for me this week. So what did I do on Day 1, yesterday? Put up a new webpage and burned that huge pile of leaves that's been sitting in the backyard waiting for a day without wind. (As soon as I lit the match, the wind began to kick up. Still, it wasn't as lively as it is today and everything that was supposed to burn, burned, and everything that was not, did not.) Okay, I got two chapters kinda fixed, but they were really easy.

Today I watched TV, which I've been doing hard for the last week (just got extended channels along with the local ones, which I got because of the upcoming digital changeover). Tore myself away and did a little work on the book before my radio shows came on, signaling that it was Painting Time. Got some good progress made on Ye Abstract. Should have it finished by end of day today, though I don't know if it'll still be light enough to take a pic so I can post.

I want to get this final draft final drafted so I can send the thing off to Cerridwen! After that I'll be finishing "Nothing Personal" and then going on to Book 3 in my Three Worlds series, which just needs a really serious and heartless edit to knock off a hundred or more pages, all of which -- I bet -- are Process, Process, Process.

I love introducing characters to the reader even though these characters will not come into serious play for three more volumes. I love showing the setup of my Mega-Legion, how it functions in its universe, what weaponry it uses, what the members eat, how their evolution happened, how they decorate their hallways.

Now all I have to do it cut all that, keeping enough in so the reader isn't confused and is able to follow a crisply-paced plot that concerns interesting characters in exciting situations.


Think I'll go outside and read a bit now...

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