Sunday, July 12, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

Can't believe it's been so long since I posted. I sit at work thinking about everything that's happened and come up with fairly decent blog ideas, but where are the blogs?

Since the last blog I had the sequel to Touch of Danger turned down by Cerridwen. Bummer! But people gave me names of publishers who have put out sequels to books that were published by other companies. So I sent it to Samhain. Hope to hear positively from them within 3 months.

The day after the rejection I got my first official-type review from "Lanta" at "The Romance Studio." Five out of five hearts; highly recommended! Woo hoo! Since I don't have any sales figures yet for ToD, I could add that to my query letter to Samhain.

Currently I've dusted off an ancient manuscript (one that won Honorable Mention in the 2002 Heart of the Rockies contest), a historical romance, and am editing it to be sent to Cerridwen. Hopefully (since work should be slow this week) I'll have that done by next Monday.

Bought and watched the latest Joe DiGuilio DVD (as opposed to his free videos which are available at Jerry's Artarama) and determined that I would paint an abstract, by golly. On watercolor paper. Seemed to me that I had some wc pads in the corner of the studio, and I did. They're only 140 lb, though; I should get some 300 lb at Art of the Carolinas this November. But it worked well enough (see above), and I'm pretty pleased.

I was trying to work with colors from my plein air painting which is STILL waiting for me to finish it, in order to explore a more simplified palette. I think this worked well. About 3/4 of the way through the big spangle just refused NOT to be painted, so I had to include 2 more to balance it. It's the Wonder Woman fan in me, I suppose, plus all the red, white & blue. When I turned it on its side and found the best aspect for it, the swashes turned into the letter "A." Oh no, it's Captain America!

Instead I named it "Born on the Fourth of July." The date's close enough. Hope you enjoy it. It's 15x21" and acrylics. Wonder if anyone on eBay might be interested? Hm...


StevenW said...

This is a gorgeous piece and I can think of numerous places where people could proudly display it. Why NOT try eBay and see what happens? Lemme know if you decide to utilize it. You can't beat me with my art dealer (i.e. grandmother here in Boston, oy).

Good luck on the sequel being published! I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Carol A. Strickland said...

How much does she charge for agenting? :^D

I'm trying to find my darned Etsy password...

Tampa Zephyr said...

Carol, that painting is gorgeous. I agree with Steven; eBay would be a great place to sell it. Or, post it on FB with a price and take payment through PayPal.

Dave (aegis)