Friday, March 5, 2010

Gail has left the building

Gail Simone's run on Wonder Woman has been a milestone, one that I'm sure future writers will steer by.

I'd been wondering when this announcement would come. First Gail pulled back from hinting at future stories, and then about a month ago she phrased a post concerning her run in the past tense, and I knew for sure it was over.

Gail has invigorated Wonder Woman, has given Wondie enough PR to make other pros stand up and look this way, wondering what the big hubbub was about. I believe it has made many reconsider who they think Wonder Woman is and what she is capable of.

I may not have agreed with some of the GS additions to the mythos, but I've certainly enjoyed others enormously. I may have wondered at how some storylines played out, but others were a hoot and a half, those kinds of tales that come around once every decade or so and make WW worthy of a lifetime of fandom. The energy of this era has crackled!

I feel that whoever succeeds Gail will be following in her footsteps. I hope they'll find the Wondieverse has been opened again to allow magical flights of imagination and inspiration combined.

I lift my cup of chai to Gail to thank her for all her WW work both in the comic and in her PR efforts, and to wish her the best in her future endeavors!


StevenW said...

Cheers, to Gail! And to your Carol, for a bittersweet blog!

Martin Gray said...

Ditto, and nice piece.

I'm thinking of starting a thread on 'Things we'll likely never learn' such as how Diana can find reincarnated gay heroes.

Dean Grey said...

Long live Wonder Woman!