Saturday, March 20, 2010

Winter's Last Snow

My latest painting...

I LOVED this blue house! Especially on the rare occasions when Hillsborough got snow. Why did I state that in past tense? Because the owners recently painted it to a crisp, modern shade of beige that, though it looks very nice, takes away all the cottage-y goodness that the blue held.

I was late to work one day last year because I stopped to take shots of the house and its huge, uncommon pines (or are they cedars?) with their load of snow. When this winter we got all the snow, I stayed inside and began this painting to celebrate.

I took it to an art class and the instructor there (a pretty famous guy) told me to take the dormer off. I liked that dormer! So the painting sat and sat in the studio as I'd go in and meditate on it, first with a finger blocking the dormer, then showing it.

I hate to say it, but the guy was right. The picture has more punch without the dormer, so I painted it out. Ahh, so much better!

It's 20x20", acrylic, painted on a stretched canvas. All materials are archival and shipping is included in the cost.

"Winter's Last Snow"... $525.00

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