Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let's get small!

Last November at Art of the Carolinas I was introduced to the idea of working on smaller canvases. First, they allow you to simplify if you wish. Second, they sometimes are available in quantity discounts, so getting a bunch costs a little less than your usual canvas. Third, they encourage working on series.

And I do want to work on series!

I've only done two or so flower paintings and had been wanting to do more, so I reached into my supply closet to the new stack of small canvases, and began. How fun it was to try three different versions of the same flowers that had bloomed in my window boxes last year! (I'd been so gratified to find a spot finally that salvia would thrive in. I do love red salvia.)

I tried combining two different techniques of painting on these, and am quite pleased with the results. Which doesn't mean that I'm not primed to start going a little more outrageous using the same subjects and new canvases.

My coworkers convinced me that these would best be sold as a group. As a triptych, they can be hung closely together. Or they can be scattered around a room, two here and one there, or maybe separately, to create a cohesive eyeflow.

I hope you like 'em!

The price for all three together is $250. "Salvia Triptych" is done in acrylic on canvas. Each picture is 8" square, with image wrapping around to the 1.5" sides. Click on the picture at the top of the blog for a closer look. Shipping and handling is free within the US. For other locations, drop me a line (through my website or on Facebook) and we'll talk. All materials are archival. And yes, I know I need to paint my porch. Again. (sigh)