Thursday, January 21, 2021

It Takes a Special Woman to Wear These!

Hi, friends! Yay, it’s finally 2021!

Nothing like a pandemic to get one to finish a book. Or two. I was working hard on one while on vacation last October, hoping to have it out by spring, when I came home to find – “Why can I see straight through my bathroom wall?” – a TREE through my roof! Darn that Hurricane Zeta anyway.

It’s difficult to concentrate on space drama when workers are stomping through your house all day, so I took out an almost-finished manuscript I’d been meaning to publish soon because the Wonder Woman 1984 movie and everything, and worked on that instead of the Serious Matter left in the previous book. (Yes, I tend to write the Fun Stuff first.)

Now I’m happy to announce that Star-Spangled Panties has just been released on major publishing platforms! What’s it about? Here’s ye official blurb:

Wonder Woman’s the greatest superhero this world has ever seen!

A lifelong fan lays out WW’s legend for those who want to know her better. Brush up on the important people, equipment, and lessons that Princess Diana has shown us through the years. Lively chapters show how she came to be, her powers, her friends… and who the rogues are who make up her enemies list.

Sometimes her biggest adversaries have been the members of her creative staff, who too often had disrespect for their leading lady, were clueless about who she is, or were creatively restricted by corporate marketing decisions.

Nevertheless, she persists.

This volume even attempts to unravel the history of Wonder Woman’s sister, Donna Troy. (Have your aspirin ready.)

Sometimes wacky, sometimes serious – and ALWAYS opinionated– this book reveals how Wonder Woman breaks out of patriarchy’s restrictive mold to demonstrate that everyone can stand strong, kind, empowered, and entirely their truthful selves in today’s world.

All they need is a hero to show them the way: WONDER WOMAN!

(Note: print version has black and white illustrations; digital has color.)

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I’m happy to report that the last of the repairs should be finished in the next two weeks. Well, knock wood. Contractors; what can I say? I’d planned on beginning home remodeling at the end of THIS year, not last year, but the Universe had other ideas. Now I have a beautiful new master bathroom, a great new roof, and new siding, thanks in part to State Farm’s check.

And that other book? Working on it now, thanks.

Thanks for checking out the book. Stay safe out there!!!

Carol Strick

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