Friday, May 22, 2009

Getting Things Done... or Creative Arson


Phew! Finally got the shed in. After thinking that I'd gotten such a deal on buying it, I wound up spending about $200 more than I'd planned because it turned out it needed a deck built underneath. You can't see it, but there is new mulch going in under the trees behind it all the way back to the property line.

Here's the previous shed, RIP (gone as of 2:30 today):

With the landscape people coming back Saturday to give me an estimate about putting in bits of real lawn, it was time to take care of the Burning Pile. Rubbing my hands greedily like the pyromaniac I secretly am, I got my burn permit (you can get them online now! So convenient since the guys who give them out in the Forestry office are never there), checked the weather to see that winds would be calm this morning, gathered my rake and hoe, made sure the hose had water running through it, applied sunscreen and bug repellent, put on my gardenting hat (so stylish!) and gloves, clicked sunglasses onto my regular glasses, dug out a 3-hour burn log and some matches and...

Done! The "in progress" pic was taken after the real inferno died down. You couldn't get within twelve feet of it without feeling like you were rapidly proceeding to being well-done. How do firefighters do it?

This all looks even better than this now as I've gotten a bit of weeding done around the fire pit. Now I have room in the pit to throw the other weeds that I have such good intentions of pulling. Unless I decide to take them to the dump, where they MIGHT be composted, as I'd prefer that. We'll see.
So the weekend is off to a productive start!

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