Friday, May 1, 2009


Wow! Look at that!

I don't mean Hugh, though he certainly is so easy on the eyes!!! I mean the composition, the values, the colors! Whew--gorgeous!

You've got the blues in the background, the blues of his pants. The oranges, both dark and light, of his jacket as contrast to that, plus his skin also acting as an orange. The lightest blue of all is all the white, which forms the upper part of a value pattern that really caches the eye and focuses it.

It's a perfect complementary color composition. And I've always loved Payne's gray.

As for the movie, I see it's ranked quite low on the Tomatometer. That means it'll probably rake in millions, just from people who want to see visuals like this. With explosions. Lots and lots of explosions.

Must make some kind of still life or abstract out of this. Gorgeous!

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me said...

Couldn't agree more, Carol.

As an artist, I know exactly what you mean...and his face isn't too bad either. :p

Have you seen 300? I think I loved that movie mostly because it was beautiful to watch. (And Gerald Butler's abs were lickable)