Sunday, April 26, 2009

Restful Sunday!

I have new neighbors. They've been too busy driving trucks and cars all over their lawn, packed with boxes, for me to lean over the fence and say hello. Their first impression of me is probably: lazy. Argh!

I had such a to-do list for this weekend. The only thing I got done was to read two excellent books (MINE!!! and Liz Jasper's Underdead in Denial) and cement in my new archway. (See "before" pic above.) Oh, and I bought some stuff for the yard, including a shed (to be delivered Wednesday), cement, and a bunch of plants that I shouldn't have, but will look so good!

Bran and Obi (L to R) supervised my cement-mixing. They're strict task masters.

The back yard still needs a little work.

The shed will go in over to your far, far left, the patio in front of the pergola maybe next year, the waterfall and filters will go into the pond (just beyond the dogwood) sometime maybe late June, the lawn will go in before the middle of June, the huge pile of debris (back there beyond the miniature grape arbor) will be burned when I darned well feel like burning (and when the wind cooperates).

Etc. Etc. And oh yeah, about that mountain of mulch... (Note circus-tied tree in background.) Did I mention that there was a baby mound in the backyard that's been sitting there for a year?

I need a husband.

Any help others could provide in that department would be greatly appreciated.

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EilisFlynn said...

Er, I should point out that husbands may not be all that thrilled about the yard work either. Mine is very happy to pay someone else to mow the lawn, trim the trees, and hack at the bushes! (Yes, we were meant to be condo dwellers.)

Eagerly awaiting May 7! Don't forget to check out all the promo loops and if they'll let you, post excerpts!