Thursday, July 8, 2010

Full of Sound and Fury!

Wonder Woman celebrated her 600th issue (more or less) last Wednesday, and brought with her an Amazing PR Gimmick (a new costume) as well as her latest Bold New Direction!

Most fans are sure that neither will be around for long.

Otoh, I must have gotten a few hundred emails asking, "Have you seen what's happening with Wonder Woman?" These even from WW fans who knew that I would have already read the ish. I suppose the excitement was just too much for some. Anyway, I wanted to discuss the issue somewhere, but there are tens of thousands of discussion threads on various message boards and frankly, I'm confused as to which is the Proper One for such.

So I decided to blog—I can get feedback from a blog—and then said no, I'll have to turn around and rewrite it all for my synopsis. I'm trying to get more synopses on my site, zooming in on the Dark Age before I go back to fill in the sparse Plastic Age synopses. Really, I'm trying. You wouldn't believe how long it takes to write this stuff!

So I took a few days and wrote a synopsis for #600. Bits may need rewriting as I was awfully tired during some of the parts. But mostly, the issue and comments about such are all here. And of course a more thorough look at the new costume is on the costume index.

Hope you have the time to read through it, and hope you enjoy! Feel free to comment as needed.


Dean Grey said...


I'm not worried so much about the costume change (it's a temporary thing after all) but am more disturbed by how God-awful ugly it is!

Of all the new costumes they could've given our beloved Diana they chose that ugly thing?!


What a missed opportunity by DC to come up with a really unique and fun costume for her to wear (during this current storyline).

No wonder Diana looks pissed in JMS' run. She doesn't like the outfit either!


Carol A. Strickland said...

It could also be that the artist doesn't quite have the hang of mouths. Her mouth often doesn't seem to follow the lines of her face, which gives it a downward curve.