Thursday, May 27, 2010

The efficient slug

Another way to get things done when you don't have a timer with you, is to multitask. So yesterday after work I did so.

I've been meaning to check out historic Ayr Mount, though I've lived near Hillsborough for decades. It's an old mumble-mumble Federalist style mumble with extensive grounds, plus a "poet's walk" that I'd heard was very pretty. Would it be a good site for plein air? And could I get in some exercise while exploring it?

The answer to both was yes, though the plein air bit would probably be best left for Autumn, as right now everything's green on green. There's a couple of huge, well-manicured meadows on long hills, surrounded by forest. There's a very artificial-looking pond. The riverwalk doesn't have great overlooks, and the sun can't get in the best position for river views. But imagine the maples and such in full color, and it should be gorgeous. I'll be back.

The walk was also most (pant pant) invigorating. I even brought a stranger back with me: a tick. Hope it was just the one I found and killed. Dead! Dead! Dead!

Back at the house I did laundry while watching the Daily Show I'd missed the other week. I love Jon Stewart; don't you? Petted and medicated cats, then buried myself in that new Julia Quinn book, which is SOOOO delicious!

I should have gotten a fairly good guilt trip over not painting, and then gone on to guiltifying over not writing, but I figure I'll finish that painting tonight or tomorrow latest, and my goals for VACATION NEXT WEEK will be to finish that first draft! (As well as do some other things, but writing will be my ABSOLUTE TOP priority.)

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