Monday, May 24, 2010

Slugging it out!

I've been slug-like lately. Not sluggish. Slug-like.

Which is a bad thing when I've got so many plates to keep whirling in the air. Oh heck, you're probably too young to recall the Ed Sullivan Show. He had these guys on all the time who spun plates on top of long rods to snappy music. It was amazingly watchable. For a while.

There are times when it's great to be slug-like. All work and no play, etc. But one mustn't overdo it or one becomes... a slug.

So I'm doing an experiment this week. In preparation for next week's vacation, I want to get some major projects done or at least progressed satisfactorily. To accommodate my ADD (what a lovely excuse those self-diagnosed initials are!), I'm going to tackle things in 15- and 30-minute intervals. I'll use a timer.

Eh... Not so great a start on the project so far. I got up 30 minutes early in order to do 15 minutes of walking (I fully realize those 30 minutes will turn out to be 15, which is why I added the extra), but never quite got it in.

Fall off the wagon, pick self up, get back on. No self-flagellation allowed. Hey, I made a vat of spaghetti sauce yesterday, so there'll be no need to fight to get dinners made! Place one point in the "yeah!" column.

I'll keep you posted how things turn out. (Are the Daily Show and Colbert Report new this week? Darn, that's an hour. Maybe I can tape them to watch during a long dinner?)

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