Friday, December 31, 2010

My 2011 Resolutions

I post here to make them public and accrue Guilt Points if not met:

In 2011:

I will lose 6 lbs a month.
• More movement
• Portion size
• More veggies
• More home-prepared meals
• Writing down food
I will get an estimate on hair transplanting.
I will dress better, improving my wardrobe gradually.

I will publish at least 2 volumes of "Three Worlds."
I will get “Nothing to Lose” and Touch of Danger done as freebies.
I will get an agent.
• Sending out queries at least every 2 weeks
I will sell Applesauce and Moonbeams.
I will finish in order:
The Coin of Power
• Nothing Personal
• Amazon Magic

I will start a new book.
I will complete a new entry on my WW synopses at least every month. I'll try to update that site as much as possible, including weekly checkups for the business areas of the site.

I will finish 2 paintings a month.
I will be in 2 galleries by June, at which time I’ll re-evaluate to see if I should be in more.
I will auction off my lesser paintings and use Ebay/Etsy to sell stock.
I will be in at least 2 juried shows.
I will keep up with my Etsy store and rotate stock well, gaining sales.
I will find a partner for street fair sales. This may require buying tent, racks, etc.

I will pamper and spoil Obiwan.
Kitty will be adopted out by January 15 to a great home.

By the end of January I will have another chart of my finances done, with a plan to clear off credit card and loan debt toot sweet!
I will meditate twice weekly, with a goal of eventually doing this every day.

The living room wall will be repaired by April.
Glass will be repaired on the dining table and display case by March.
New windows for guest room will be installed by July, which means clearing out that room.
New walls for either guest room/office or living room/bedroom by Oct.
Get estimate on better floors by end of year.

I will take care of the yard and not try anything overly ambitious without having everything else reasonably under control.

The comics collection will be culled by end of year.
The house will be cleared and cleaned by September.

I will work to get more real friends and not rely merely on the imaginary people who inhabit Facebook.
I will watch two Netflix movies a month.
I will go through that "hear better" DVD I bought from Dook Hospital. After that is done, I'll start on the Spanish immersion program, and then go through the French one.

In life, I will focus and get things done one thing at a time. I will not over-extend myself. I will relax when I need to and work when I need to. I will use a timer when necessary. I will celebrate my victories! I will not beat myself up over anything.

I will do first things first. I will ask myself: is this really necessary to do/to have?

I will value the wonderful things I already have (including personal characteristics/talents) and use them to the fullest before even thinking about buying new things. I will celebrate my gratefulness every day!

I will take a tour of New England in time for leaf-peeping season, OR I will attend either Moonlight and Magnolias OR Dragon*Con.

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Carol A. Strickland said...

Kitty was adopted out on 2 Jan! Check that resolution off as DONE!