Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Bold New Direction!

So I've been cat-less now for over a week. It's strange. I look forward to coming home and seeing Obi again, and then remember he's not there. Every now and then I think, "I need to check on Obi," or "time to give the cats their dinner," and then remember.

Heck, I'm still thinking in terms of plural cats, and Bran passed away last Thanksgiving! Still, whenever I hear a noise in the back of the house I think, "It's just Bran," and then look around to see where Obi would be, which would probably be the front of the house.

I know both kitties are doing fine where they are and I'm not really that blue about my sitch. It's just the getting used to things and getting past the "they're just outside and will be back soon" phase.

Like I'm trying to learn a new habit of not putting my dishes on the floor so that the cats can have a chance to deal with any morsels that might remain. I keep forgetting to avoid the cat food aisle at Food Lion.

It's being helped by the fact that sometime around last Monday afternoon I got the impression that the universe had placed one of those huge Punctuation Marks on my life.

Picture your life as railroad being laid as you live it. Ka-WHAM, and another spike is struck, pinning a length of track in place. Last Monday ka-WHAM, and a spike was struck securing the final bits of the last length, but acting like a hinge for a new length.

It swings around. It can go in any direction I want it to. There are new vistas to be explored, new possibilities.

To put it in Wonder Woman terms, I am now able to take a Bold New Direction!

Lately the universe has been leaving me clues here and there about focusing my life. Really, the subject pops up every place I look.

As a proper Sagittarian I have lots of big interests. But I tend to flit, and adult attention deficiency whatever doesn't help the matter. I'll be checking on something in Room A to do in Room B, then say, "Oh yeah, that needs to go in Room C," and then in Room C I spot a project I'd forgotten and start working on it, completely neglecting Room B's project, and then afterwards I'll wonder what the heck I had started out to do, and then try to figure where the time went.

Focus, focus, focus.

I need to make sure always to have daily goals lists and combine them with weekly and monthly goals (with year goals too, natch). These can really keep one on track, especially if one lists the importance of each goal as to A, B or C. You do A goals first, no matter how juicy those C goals are.

The problem is to correctly assign your letters. Is this something that absolutely needs to be done because it's expected and this is what normal people do and really, you're not normal or right if you don't do it? Or does it need to be done because (ahem) THIS IS WHY YOU CHOSE THIS LIFE TO BEGIN WITH????

I'm trying to ask myself: What if I were on my death bed, looking back at my life? What would I have been so glad I did today? What just wasted my time or diverted my attention from the important things?

Also death bed question: What's the direction I regretted taking? What's the direction that was SUCH a great idea to take?

Why not take that direction NOW? Why waste my time on the unimportant? What part of my life should I be developing or attending to? What is my gift to the world? When will I work on that gift and giving it?

Now's the time.

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Richard said...

I like this post a lot. And if you switch to wearing all-white outfits and start taking martial arts lessons from a blind Chinese gentleman with a bowler hat, I'll totally understand.